WhatsApp introduces an

WhatsApp introduces an

WhatsApp introduces an interesting innovation regarding photo sharing within its application. Recently, a new feature has been introduced that allows users to share high- quality( HD) photos through the chat feature.

“ The ability to share photos on WhatsApp has been enhanced with a new touch. Now, you can send photos in HD resolution,” said Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, through the Meta channel on Instagram.

With this enhancement, users can share photos with each other without worrying about a decrease in image quality. They are gratis to share files and maintain the image resolution in high quality.

When users intend to send a photo, they will be presented with two options:“ HD” and“ Standard Quality.” The latter option remains available to ensure a fast and stable delivery process, as explained by WhatsApp.

A report from Tech Crunch revealed that WhatsApp has tested this new feature with selected users. Beta users of WhatsApp for Android and the TestFlight app on iOS have been seeing this option since the beginning of the summer season.

WhatsApp ensures that this enhancement is equipped with end- to- end encryption technology to maintain security. Additionally, the company offers recipients the option to either stick with the standard version or upgrade to HD resolution if jaringan connectivity is limited.

WhatsApp introduces an

To send photos in HD quality, make sure you have updated your WhatsApp application to the latest version. If not, pembaharuan the application through the relevant app store.

After updating the application, follow these steps:

Open the chat where you want to send the photo.

Tap the camera icon next to the message box.

You will see a new“ HD” option at the maksimum of the screen.

Click on that option and select“ HD Quality” before sending the photo.

The photo will be sent in HD resolution.

Once the photo is sent, the recipient will see the image with an“ HD” merek appearing in the bottom left corner. This merek serves as a reminder that you’ ve shared an image in higher quality.

In addition to using the camera, you can also send photos in HD quality from your phone’ s gallery. Here are the steps:

Open the chat where you intend to send the photo.

Select the attachment icon( paperclip), then choose“ Gallery.”

Pick the photo you want to send.

Tap the“ HD” logo at the maksimum of the screen, then choose“ HD Quality.”

Click the send icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

With this new feature, the experience of sharing photos melalui WhatsApp becomes more engaging and of higher quality.

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